Youth Lacrosse Team in Fort Lauderdale

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Fort Lauderdale, FL
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Find 2016 Updated Rules here directly from US Lacrosse.
2014 Game Day Rules- Boys
SFYLL follows the general guidelines found in the “Boys Lacrosse Rules Book” (National Federation of State High School Associations/US Lacrosse) including the section on Youth Lacrosse.  Minor differences and highlights are outlined here in the “SFYLL Game Day Rules”.
U7 –                10 minute running (Whistle at 5 minutes for quick substitution only)
U9, U11 -       12 minute running
U13, U15 –    15 minute running
All games are running time.  There are no horns. All subs on the fly.  Clock stops at timeouts (officials and team).  2 time outs per half.
U11, U13, U15 - 1 OT - 4 minute Sudden Victory if needed with 1 time out
Final 2 minute stalling rule is in effect for U13, U 15 only.
No 20 second defensive count or 10 second offensive count will be used at any level
No Take-Out Checks are allowed at any level. A take out check is defined as any check in which the player lowers his head or shoulder with the force and intent to put the other player on the ground. 
U7, U9, U11 – No body checking (incidental contact OK per guidelines) Incidental contact or use of hips on ground balls and on defense is allowed, within 3 yards of the ball
U13, U15 – Body checking is allowed per rules
3 Yard Rule is in effect at all levels
U7 – 5 v 5 (can go 7 v 7 if both coaches agree), Modified size field, shot blockers (Rolling the ball under the shot blocker does not count as a goal- ball awarded to defensive team)
U9 – Full Field, Goalies (if team has no Goalie shot blocker can be used (no rolling ball shots – see U7) or flip goal over to small V.
U11, U13, U15 – Full Field
Goalies are required to wear arm pads (Boys)
U7, U9- 1 coach is allowed on field during games (no stick, gloves etc)
U11, U13, U15 – No coaches on field
U7/U9 - 37 to 42 inches, no D poles
U11 - 37 to 42 inches, D poles 47- 52 inches - max 4 on field (Recommendation is to have all players play with short crosse but is not mandatory)
U13/U15 - Short crosse 40 to 42 inches, Long crosse 52 to 72 inches with 4 max on field.
U7 – Change of possession (use Flow method of officiating to keep game moving).  Manage overly aggressive players by sending them off the field.
U9 – Offending player is sent off the field and must stay off the field for the time of his penalty.  Another player may replace him on the field (no Man Up/Down).  Manage aggressive multiple foul players accordingly.  Eject as warranted.
U11, U13, U15 – Full time serving penalties (1.5 X the amount – 30 sec is 45 sec, 1 min is 1 ½ min etc.)
Foul Out – 4 personal fouls or 5 minutes in personal foul penalty time
One handed check considered slash even if no contact is made in all age groups.
With 6 goal lead team down awarded ball at midfield after goals unless waived by trailing coach. 

*It is required that spectators/fans/parents be on opposite side of field from players (unless field layout prohibits it).
*In the event of a jersey color conflict the home team will wear pennies/vests.
*All expulsion/ejection fouls need to be reported to your league Board and to the SFYLL (both coaches and referee should report).
*Coaches are responsible for their own behavior as well as that of their staffs, players and parents/spectators. The SFYLL has zero tolerance for derogatory behavior and profanity.  Maintain the integrity of both sidelines and the game.

2014 Points of Emphasis
Violent Collisions-There is no justification for deliberate/violent collisions between players especially with defenseless players or for checks to the head and neck. Penalties will be assessed accordingly.  Read the rule book!
Sportsmanship- Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.  Foul language, berating officials or the other team is a penalty.  Players, coaches, parents and fans need to be aware of this zero tolerance rule.
This game is about the kids not the adults – let’s remember that at all times.  HONOR THE GAME. Only “Meets NOCSAE Standards” balls are allowed in the SFYLL.